The American Tobacco Company Stock Certificate

The American Tobacco Company

The American Tobacco Company

Like Standard Oil , the American Tobacco Company was one of the great holding companies created in United States during the end of the nintieth century.  Founded by James Buchanan Duke in 1890, the the American Tobacco Company soon dominated the tobacco industry to such a degree that it was indicted for violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act in 1907 and ordered by the Surpreme Court to dissolve in 1911.  The American Tobacco Company monopoly ended as the company was divided into four separate companies, R. J. Reynolds, Liggett & Myers,  Lorrillard and the American Tobcco Company (a much smaller version of itself that later became owed by British Tobacco Company, acquired by R.J. Reynolds in 2004).
Before the company was ordered disolved ,the American Tobacco Company was one of the first companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, founded in 1890 .
The American Tobacco Company stock certificate has an attractive indian vignette and was printed by the American Bank Note Company.

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