Collecting Concert Ticket Stubs

Concert Ticket stub - Beatles 1966 Concert

Ticket stub - WOODSTOCK  Concert 2 tranps

Ticket stub - Led Zeppelin Concert 2

Concert ticket stubs, like a lot of entertainment memoribillia, have recently become more collectible. The popularity of collecting concert ticket stubs has grown in the recent years. This is especially true of rock and roll concert ticket stubs from the 1960s and 1970s. Like concert posters, rock and roll concert ticket stubs provide dated memoribillia related to a specific event and a specific musicians who were at the event. However, concert ticket stubs lack the graphic art that makes collecting concert posters and album covers so popular. When collected together (both concert posters and concert ticket stubs) they can make a very nice decorative collectible for displaying on the wall of your office or home.

Rolling Stones Concert Ticket

Bob Dylan Santana Concert Ticket 1984

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